19 March 2008


here's a link to yesterday's speech by barack obama. i've heard person after person say that it was one of the most eloquent, moving and substantial political speeches ever given. you can either listen to it, or read the text. see what you think .....


a footnote: for those who maintain that obama lacks sufficient experience to assume the presidency, recall that when abraham lincoln took office, he had served only one two-year term in the u.s. house of representatives, and had failed in a bid for the senate. similarly, john f. kennedy took office at the tender age of 44, after six years each in the house and the senate. time served in office is only one measure among many by which we should be evaluating the candidates.

however this plays out, what a spectacular year it has been, with a woman and a black man in serious contention for their party's nomination for the first time in history. it's about time.

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