02 March 2008


it seems that the month of march is filled with significance for me. it all started in 1947, the year whose march saw me emerge with great indignation into this highly questionable enterprise we call sentient life. as i grew older, i came to realize that my favorite season, spring, begins in march, adding a bit of spice and color to my birthmonth. years later, my son was born not just in march, but on my 30th birthday. how cool is that?

on my list of birthdays to be remembered, broken down by month, march contains the most (five). seems like june must have been a busy month for many couples!

so march and spring -- trees and shrubs budding out, landscapes greening up, flowers starting to show their courting colors, migratory birds starting their journeys, all sorts of critters bringing little critterlets into the world. life burgeoning all over. how can you not love a season like this?

purportedly, mark twain was born during an appearance of halley's comet, and died during the next appearance 76 years later. i'll be content if, when my time comes, i'm allowed to bid fond farewell to life in springtime, surrounded by beauty and rebirth.

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