18 March 2008


i was terribly saddened today when an email from an old and dear friend informed me that her 14 year old cat has a large lymphoma in her stomach. the outlook is not encouraging. my friend talked about the choices she faces, and told me the story of her cat's life, and i felt honored by the sharing. those of us who love cats can only grieve. so sad.

i think back to all the animal and human friends i've known and lost over the years -- some by natural causes, some violently, some in old age. none was an easy loss. they never are. my only consolation is that my life was illuminated and enlivened by their presence, and i hope i returned the favor.

so a moment of respectful and loving silence for shelley the cat, who has lived a full life, safe in the loving care of her human friend irene. we should all be so lucky.

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