27 February 2009


HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY to my brother-and-sister cats, the white male Chiaro (short for "chiaroscuro", the term in art for the interplay of light and shadow) and the white-and-calico female Mao (chinese for "cat"). it was love at first sight when i visited the missoula humane society shelter, and in one of their glassed-in enclosures were four kittens, two white and two calico, all from the same litter. i would have adopted them all, but someone beat me to two, so i happily took the remaining pair. they are a constant source of entertainment, comfort and conversation. yes, i talk with my cats, and they understand perfectly, since i am fluent in cat. i've tried teaching them to play chess, but with somewhat disappointing results -- they can only beat me two games out of five.

also, a shout-out to powell's city of books, which occupies three stories and a full city block in portland, oregon. anyone remotely near the pacific northwest should make powell's the destination for a pilgrimage -- a browser's delight.

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