14 February 2009


today's entry from john scalzi's weblog, whatever:

"a list of the top 17 'homo love songs.' oh, go on, you nervous straight person, you. you know you want to see what that link is like, just this once."

(the comments below the song list are worth the price of admission, by themselves.)

here's a little game to play with friends and/or loved ones -- we all know that there are a kazillion songs with the word "love" in the title. make a list of as many as you can think of, substituting the word "lunch". guaranteed giggles. a few examples to get you started --

~ all you need is lunch
~ lunch never dies
~ radar lunch
~ when i fall in lunch
~ puppy lunch
~ i've got my lunch to keep me warm
~ lunch on the rocks
~ all you need is lunch
~ forbidden lunch
~ young lunch
~ you've lost that lunchin' feeling
~ sea of lunch
~ you made me lunch you
~ somewhere, my lunch
~ muskrat lunch
~ 50 ways to leave your luncher
~ hawaiian lunch song
~ from russia with lunch
~ your lunch is lifting me higher
~ can't buy me lunch
~ i'll never stop lunching you
~ lunch me tender
~ everybody lunches a luncher
~ where is the lunch?
~ our lunch is here to stay
~ but will you lunch me tomorrow?

you get the idea. a few of those titles might be seeds for a science fiction story. or an alternative theme song for the movie Alive, i suppose.

well, you know what granny used to say. "don't eat with your mouth full." colorful woman, granny.

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