13 February 2009


wow. it hardly seems possible that i started this meandering commentary on 13 february 2008. but 'tis true. as a mission check, it is useful to re-read the entries on my choice of pseudonym, the origin of the blog title, and why i chose the SR-71 Blackbird as my icon.

i first undertook this web log as a convenient path to accomplish two goals. the first was to prod me into writing something, anything, on a daily basis, as a way of developing some form of discipline to further my desire to become a professional writer (fiction and environmental/political commentary). this has been only partially successful. over 366 days (last year was a leap year), i've made 138 entries. one hopes that quality at least partially compensates for the lapses in quantity.

the second goal was to provide a stage, a forum, a sounding board for my thoughts, feelings, and original ideas on a wide range of topics, from news of the day to personal flights of fancy. the online journal format is ideal. aesthetically i can think of a number of ways to jazz up the visual presentation, but this site is free and provides a reasonable array of tools, so for now, it'll do.

two things are blatantly missing -- a snowballing readership, many of whom are willing to declare themselves "followers" of the blog (to date: one); and reader feedback. each entry has a "comments" link at the bottom. please, dear reader, feel free to indulge in praise, critique, debate, stream of consciousness ramblings, or general rabble-rousing. i take an interest in all your thoughts. thanks.

so what next? perhaps a second blog, dedicated specifically to raw, first-draft writing attempts. dog (sic) knows i need the practice. good friends whose opinions i respect have been prodding me for years to become a writer. no time like the present. vamanos!!!

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