14 February 2008


the aircraft shown is an SR-71 Blackbird, america's fastest and most effective reconnaissance plane. it flew so high (80,000 feet) and so fast (2193 mph) that no missile ever caught it. the final, decommissioning flight set a transcontinental speed record, west coast to east coast in 68 minutes, 17 seconds, averaging 2124 mph.

here's a link for those who, like me, are into flight: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sr-71 blackbird.

the image is an icon for my intent on this blog -- observation from a nonordinary perspective, at times posing provocative questions, at other times just fooling around enjoying the ride. welcome aboard!

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  1. Well - finally, I get to the meaning of my favorite plane; the SR-71...as you mean it to be for your moniker.

    Only tonight I talked with a man who is retired air force; he loves (as I do) to see the SR-71 sitting at March Air Force Base where we visit about 3 times a year.

    He said he is a hobbyist who makes knives; he told me if you look right at the front of the plane, it 'cuts' - as a knife.

    I have so many photos put away that I took of that beautiful plane; to me, it reminds me of the old Jaguar XKE.............

    So, you speak of it with love - and that's music to my ears. Diane