28 February 2008


since its inception, i've been thinking about the purpose of this endeavor. some bloggers use the forum to post personal news or items of interest for family and friends. others, as a place to rant about politics or issues of the day (too many of those). still others, as an avenue for sharing information/knowledge about specialized subjects, anything from raising aardvarks to racing yachts to posting non-existent sexual expertise. alright, if i were inclined, i could write with some level of credibility (backed up by daily research) on aviation, on ecology, on birding around the country, on the travels that took me there, on online dating (!), on music (classical, blues, jazz), on movies (hmm), on books.

but my own approach has been less focused, so far. i'm in no hurry to arrive at a direction for this. but one interesting consequence to emerge has been the realization that simply developing the discipline to make an entry each day, is good preparation for becoming a writer, something to which i've aspired for many years (with the ongoing encouragement of friends whose opinions i respect). clearly, my entries so far are the equivalent of barely, barely dipping a toe in the water to test the temperature. as time passes, my voice will emerge, focus will clarify, substance will substantiate. kinda fun! i welcome any feedback or advice, from all two or three of you who read this with any regularity.

my cats are alternating between flinging themselves soulfully into my lap, and gnawing on my ankles, so it must be their suppertime. mas manana.

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  1. You're a terrific writer; your blog is the only one I read faithfully.

    Your thoughts on 'blogging' are like mine; a person who picks the SR71 has to be great (aha, since it's my favorite plane, I'm complimenting myself).

    I've left a few comments here in the past days; I'm an avid reader, and I know a good writer when I read one - you are just that! Diane