16 February 2008


if you haven't already discovered it, this website http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ offers a different picture daily from NASA files -- nearly every one a jaw-dropper -- along with text which explains what you're seeing. the images range from hubble telescope shots of phenomena in our galaxy and beyond, to photos taken from earth of meteorological or celestial events. well worth planting an icon on your desktop for daily reference, inspiration, beauty and awe. thousands of past images are accessed using the "calendar" or "archive" functions.

for a view from above, try downloading google earth (works best with a broadband connection). it's free, versatile, and loads of fun. the satellite image resolution is impressive, and you can manipulate the format in ways that will blow your socks off -- magnify from a global view down to your own house, or a slanting 3D view, for starters. just bring up the google site, and browse their list of product downloads.

yup, i'm a map freak as well. in addition to enjoying the usual google maps and mapquest, take a peek at http://www.ravenmaps.com/prostores/servlet/StoreFront . someday i want to live in a house large enough to have an entire room devoted to maps on display. not to mention a rooftop observatory, a wraparound porch, hidden passages, a library with built-in shelves on all walls, and a view of either the ocean, temperate rain forest, a broad mountain valley, or pristine desert. nearest neighbor 1-5 miles away. enough land to form a nature preserve. well, we all need a dream, don't we.

so if corn oil is made from corn, i wonder what baby oil is made from?

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