27 February 2008


it's my day off, and i just finished watching a DVD movie called "Paris, Je T'aime". it is a series of five-minute vignettes, all by different directors, set in different neighborhoods and environments in the city, portraying all manner of personal encounters, interactions. fun for people-watchers, and interesting for anyone who (like myself) has never seen paris. it's one of the reasons i've enjoyed the jason bourne movies -- getting to see so many european cities as the character pursues his identity and eludes his pursuers.

windows onto other places, other times. these are the films and books i enjoy best, especially if the story is thought-provoking, or illuminates what makes us tick. this is probably why, in the small rural town where i grew up, i so loved to frequent the public library and the movie theater. and still do.

curiosity. hunger. identity. thirst. knowledge. conjecture. amusement. spectacle. empathy. what would i do in his/her place? we never know for sure, until we're in it. more on this later.

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