19 February 2008


an old and dear friend sent me an email in which she spoke of life's struggles and heartaches, and the resources she has created or drawn upon to negotiate those difficult passages. her words were inspiring, and resonated with the conviction of her experiences. as i reflect on my own times of struggle, it is clear that each of us possesses reservoirs of inner strength and resourcefulness that we rarely notice. currently i'm dealing with a couple of work-related injuries which limit my physical freedom, a far cry from the free-and-easy athleticism of my youth and middle years. and yet i persist, through the pain, through the discouragement, through the sometimes loneliness. i'm far from noble or heroic, it's just the right thing to do. having a couple of feline friends definitely helps!

another friend who is struggling with physical disability emailed me, asking what i do to comfort myself when things seem bleakest. i mentioned the company of cats, comfort foods, diversions like reading or dvd movies, or just getting out of my apartment (and out of my head) into the world to run errands or go for long walks. perhaps the most important element for me is contact with friends, whether directly or online. to all my friends: thank you for being in my life. you mean more to me than i can ever express -- though i will continue to try.

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