25 February 2008


or is it tea and symphony? tonight my heart is singing -- it has been a grand, grand day. just finished a book of travelers' tales in ireland, got to drive (safely) through a snowstorm earlier, and spent quality time with a new friend. it feels as if my horizons are expanding, taking on colors and textures that have been missing for a long time.

at the moment i have one purring cat in my lap, and the other cat basking in the warmth of the tensor lamp over my other computer's monitor, both of them supervising as i type. they agree with me, by the way, that the oscar for best actress should have gone to julie christie in "Away From Her". her performance was luminous, devastating, inspired. and what a fox, after all these years.

there once was a girl from missoula,
who kept all her wine in the coola.
red and white there were seen,
for she is the queen
of her home, a benevolent rula.

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