12 March 2009


as i type this, on a wintery march day, it is sunny and 27 dF outside. relative to the previous three months, this feels so warm that people are running around in tshirts and sandals. nothing else, just tshirts and sandals. you think i'm joking.

if i still lived out on the prairie east of the rocky mountain front, this would feel like a chinook. a wind from the west that undergoes adiabatic heating as it descends the slope of the rockies. but i don't live there -- i'm in the mountains' interior, at the confluence of three or five river valleys, depending on who is counting. but what the heck, i'll call it a chinook anyway. i'm entitled.

an aside: i heard the most outlandish thing on the View this morning -- a recent survey in england disclosed that if given the choice between having sex for an hour or getting an extra hour's sleep, 80% of the respondents opted for sleep. say what? i mean, i'm over 60 and treasure my sleep as much as anyone, but say what? one of the View's panel of hosts pointed out that with her husband, she could do both. another suggested splitting the difference, half an hour doing each. i'm thinking naw, once i'm engaged, i'm there for a while. partly an advantage of being older and less trigger-happy, but also because i plain love it!! so there.


  1. Wow, dude. You got the prize for the day for non-sequitor sequence, what with your Adiabatic and yer implied choice to go without an hour's sleep say what, and on the verge of providing Too Much Information.

    Me, I will stick with the chinook part, over on the clear and dry part.

  2. just seeing how many of my three readers were paying attention. :-)