22 March 2009


i was newborn once. 62 years ago today, in point of fact. 22 march 1947. i'm starting to feel downright prehistoric, looking at that date. and yet my memories from early childhood through adolescence, young adulthood, middle age to now are clear and vivid. this old brain doesn't feel old, just rich in experiences, landscapes and the coming/going of family, friends and lovers.

parts of my body aren't as resilient as they once were -- though i could reclaim much of that by working out as rigorously as i did in my mid-thirties, when i did five weight workouts and eight karate workouts per week. these days i'd prefer weight training and swimming.

if age is a state of mind, i must still be in my thirties. my thirst for adventure is far from satisfied, as is my hunger for learning. my desire to give and receive love is undiminished, though now i'm much better at it. one of the perks of growing older.....

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