27 April 2009


samuel finley breese morse, that is -- better known to you (one hopes) as the inventor of morse code, used in telegraph and radio communications. when i was at fort huachuca, arizona, attending army radio school, we had to learn morse code and pass a certain speed level on a telegrapher's key. i think (hazily) that my best transmitting speed was around 25 words per minute (with no errors). whatever, i passed and went on to radioteletype school at fort gordon, georgia. there my best typing speed (with no errors) was 85 words per minute. these days i'm down to a more sedate 60 wpm. thank you, miss graham, for learnin' me how to type in high school.

here is google's home search page, with their logo spelled out in morse code --

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  1. I was up to 45 wpm code at one point, but mostly hang out at 35 wpm unless mobile.