14 April 2009


special thanks to the dynamic desiree horton for blog-linking me at her wonderful aviation blog, the adventures of chopper chick! check her out.

speaking of aviation (as i often do in this space, along with incisive commentary on politics, astronomy, racism, the environment and yo mama), i'd like to veer off into the world of fictional flyers for a moment. along with history, fiction, biography, and wildlife/wilderness, i enjoy reading and watching science fiction, with this caveat -- it has to be well-written, and it has to have a solid foundation in physics, biology, genetics, and/or astronomy. in short, based in reality, not fantasy. among my favorites are the short-lived tv series Firefly, and its movie spinoff Serenity. joss whedon's writing, casting and directing are superbly realized, crafting a universe in which people speak english and chinese interchangeably. a brilliantly-imagined crew of outlaw misfits survives along the edges of the "civilized" colonized planets. among them is the ship's captain, a former military rebel portrayed by nathan fillion, (who currently stars in the tv series Castle). fillion's range as an actor is impressive -- from ominous danger to charming wit to clueless surprise. [note: scroll to the bottom of this page to see a picture of Serenity, the ship in both the tv series and the movie.]

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