24 April 2009


i've been searching for female companionship online for about two years now, using both match.com and eharmony. a couple of matches became liaisons lasting a few months, a couple more became platonic friends, and that's about it. romance for single men over 50 in missoula, montana, seems dry as a bone.

recently over coffee a woman friend offered her theory as to why this might be -- even in the best of times, missoula's economy is pretty sucky. during the current depression (let's face it), things are even worse for women who find themselves suddenly single, whether through divorce or being widowed. it's increasingly difficult to support oneself in this particular city, so (in theory) many women simply migrate to greener pastures -- perhaps west to spokane or to the left coast.

if this is the case, i'm living in the wrong flippin' city!! and it makes intuitive sense to me, especially when i'm looking for someone who is educated, well-read, intelligent, tolerant, and oh yeah, attractive too. my pool of possible singles is small and picked-over, if the theory holds. is it time for me to move on? well, it wouldn't be the first time in my life that i could fairly be accused of skirt-chasing. though the tone, the tenor, the mood is different -- now it's not just judgment-blinding hormones, it's a mature wish for companionship, comfort, conversation, shared adventures. and yes, the hormone stuff too. i'm older, but i'm not dead, ya know? in fact, like fine wine, i've become better with age. better at sharing, better at giving.

so, hmm. no answers, just entertaining possibilities.

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