28 July 2009


carter aviation technologies is developing a GA (general aviation) aircraft base on the gyrocopter or autogyro concept, using modern materials and propulsion designs. specifically, their slowed-rotor aircraft are capable of vertical takeoff and landing, with projected horizontal airspeeds approaching 500 mph. as with all concept designs (e.g. adam air's twin-fuselage, or the javelin jet), i'm waiting to see how this pans out, but the aircraft just plain looks good. i've flown virtual gyrocopters before, and they are easy and intuitive to pilot. the field of view is excellent, and with the forward propulsion engine and propellor located behind the cabin, the ride should be quieter than on aircraft with the engine and prop up front. could be fun ! ! -- click on the photo to enlarge. i mean, doesn't that just look SLICK??

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