14 July 2009


it was three years ago today that i officially adopted my two half-siamese cats from the local humane society animal shelter. they are brother and sister. at the time they were nearly five months old, and both the same size. the white male, Chiaro, surged in growth and now weighs 12 lb. -- he is the alpha cat, but also a big cuddler at bedtime. the calico female, Mao, is shy, but takes no crap off her brother. it's hilarious to watch her play-wrestle with him, as though she has no idea that she is 2 lb. lighter than he.

i love them both to pieces -- they've helped me through some tough times, and are always happy to see me. incidentally, let's dispell a myth about cats vs. dogs right now. with regard to training, while cats are more independent (just as they are in the wild -- except for lions, no wild cat species are pack animals), they are also more intelligent than dogs, in my opinion. one simply has to adapt to their particular personality. my own cats respond readily to an array of verbal and non-verbal cues. as with any animal, one has to get inside their head, and their heart, and treat them with love and respect and patience. a little playfulness goes a long way.

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