08 July 2009


i discovered this marvelous aircraft in the lastest issue of AOPA Pilot magazine. the AirCam is unlike any other flying platform -- a taildragger with fore-and-aft seating for two people, but the primary pilot's seat is so far forward of the wings, and there is so little fuselage (other than a small windshield) surrounding him/her, that the view is virtually 360 degrees. with so much sensory exposure to the air, the experience is compared to riding a motorcycle in the sky -- though with much more safety, since small planes don't have to contend with nearly as much traffic as bikes do. this is a low-and-slow machine, designed as a photography platform, for sightseeing, and the general joy of flight. check it out.


  1. Love to see that airplane...
    How much is it cost you?

  2. if you click on the AirCam link, the website tells you -- it is a kit plane, so you can do it yourself for around $90,000, or they will assemble it for your for around $100,000.