06 February 2010


That being the byline for AARP online columnist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, the organization's "sex and relationship expert." While I have reservations about anyone considering him/herself to be an expert in sex and relationships -- the subject being emphatically subjective, depending on one's gender, cultural background, and education -- I was nevertheless intrigued by one of her articles, "Where Have All The Good Men (And Women) Gone?". One sees and hears this lament often, especially at social networking websites like Facebook, or at online dating services like Match.com or eHarmony.

So I read the article, and it actually has some interesting alternatives to offer. There are a number of fairly obvious ways in which to meet people, the best being those which involve an activity which one already enjoys -- an adult evening class, a birding group, a hiking club, or a reading club, for instance. In such a group, if you don't happen to meet someone who takes your eye, you're still having a good time. The article has several suggestions for taking the initiative, which I recommend to those of us baby boomers who are over fifty and may have a hard time even locating singles in our age group. As a veteran of all the online resources listed above, I found it refreshing to come across new, non-traditional ideas for meeting intelligent, interesting people. And the good news for you younger readers? These ideas are relevant to you, too.

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