13 February 2010


On 13 February 2008 I began this blog. Early entries informed the reader of my intended course, the genesis for the blog's title, PREDATORHAVEN, and the source of my nom de plume, rys. Over time I've posted on subjects as varied as astronomy, racism, war, environmental activisim, books, movies, music, online resources, and gee-whiz topics of whimsy or wonder.

Two years ago my readership started small, and grew steadily through both word of mouth and fortuitous web searches on specific topics. According to the site meter I installed last March, I'm averaging between 500 and 600 visitors per month. Not a startlingly large number, but not bad for a small operation with no advertising. I try to post daily, consistent with my aspirations toward becoming a professional writer.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to: (a) sign up as a follower of the blog, which will send my posts to you automatically; and (b) feel free to comment on specific posts. I would love to generate some comment threads, especially on controversial issues. My opinions are expressed freely, and I invite you to join in. Whether we agree or disagree doesn't matter, so long as we treat each other with mutual respect.

So. Here's to us all -- may we learn to live together in relative harmony, and may we learn to love and nurture this planet we call home.

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