25 February 2010


Day before yesterday, when I posted on the prime importance of creative teachers over all other aspects of education, the service which tracks visits to my blog (and presents them by day, week, month, entry post, exit post, and other useful lenses) recorded a record number of visits in one day -- 64. This is roughly twice the average number of daily visits. A similar spike occurs when I look at entry pages -- that day's subject drew a lot of attention. It is both gratifying and intriguing to me, since I discuss a wide variety of issues, and deliberately take a provocative stance on many. If you're reading this, please visit the entry for 23 February, and post a comment. In fact, I welcome comments for all posts. Simply click on the "comment" prompt at the bottom of each day's entry. (Note: click on the graph below to enlarge for better legibility.)

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