01 June 2010


BILL NYE. This bow-tied TV host (Bill Nye the Science Guy) is more than just a sometimes-corny entertainer. Bill Nye received his degree in mechanical engineering at Cornell University, where one of his professors was Carl Sagan. He is an inventor, an educator and an environmental activist. Here is a link to his post explaining the equipment and operational issues surrounding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Very accessible and informative.

DUDE PERFECT. I stumbled across these guys in an AOPA e-newsletter. Dude Perfect is a group of six Texas college friends who turned their enthusiasm for basketball, videography and competitiveness into an array of amazing videos. While their testosterone-toxic rowdiness can get a little thick, I have to applaud their channeling this enterprise into contributions to those in need. Go to the website and explore the videos. You will see shots that would make the Harlem Globetrotters turn green with envy.

BOOKS. For some time I've been a member of a book readers' club facilitated at the local Barnes & Noble. The group picks each month's reading from lists of literary prize winners, and the discussions give me a chance to enjoy informed, adult conversation with plenty of room for varying points of view. But since we meet only once a month, I recently decided to join a second reader's group, this one sponsored by the Missoula Public Library. Several people are already members of both groups. The upshot -- every other Tuesday I'll have to have read a new novel and be prepared with my observations. Which strikes me as good practice for a wannabe writer.

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