18 June 2010


HOW IT WORKS. Is Kate racist, or isn't she? Check out this video and see what you think -- it is a scenario which plays itself out wherever friends of different races interact.

LA MISMA LUNA. Rarely does a film come along which reveals the true, human dimension of the immigration debate as does the film Under The Same Moon. The tale, like most stories in the real world of undocumented immigrants, is about family, sacrifice and our need to connect, set in a world of human predators and government paranoia. Gentle, yearning, struggling to be free.

NEOCONS. Contrary to what pundits and Republicans would have you believe, most Americans (especially swing voters) were favorably impressed by President Obama's televised speech from the Oval Office this week -- a speech in which he clarified his Administration's stance on the Gulf oil disaster and on BP's culpability through willful negligence and greed. "Voters believe that any Republican opposition to clean energy legislation would be motivated by partisanship, and not by principle. Further, they overwhelmingly agreed that if Republicans oppose Obama's plan without offering a proposal tht would be good for the American people, and not just good for business, they would be more likely to vote Democratic."

The Republicans are hoist with their own petard, especially the radical Tea Party branch of the party. How can "Drill Baby Drill" possibly stand up to the heart-wrenching images we see daily from the Gulf? How sad that it has taken such a monumental disaster to reveal that the NeoCon emporer has no clothes. Their motto: "Boldness unburdened by excessive scruples."

I was tickled and gratified by Vice-President Joe Biden's reply to Republican Representative Joe Barton's groveling apology to BP CEO Tony Hayward at yesterday's Congressional hearings into the oil spill. Barton took it upon himself to characterizing BP's agreeing to maintain a $20 billion escrow fund for victims of the oil spill as a "shakedown" by the Obama administration. Barton was apparently the only person who felt that way, at least in front of the cameras -- he later retracted his apology, under pressure from his own party. His expressed solidarity with BP wasn't helped by Hayward, who consistently and arrogantly stonewalled when asked specific questions about BP's conduct during the hearings.

It's really quite heart-warming to see rich white guys standing up for other rich white guys, in the face of the environmental degradation and ruined human lives which their actions have caused. If nothing else, Republicans are predictable in this regard, knowing that if they don't hang together, they shall surely hang separately.

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