03 June 2010


Republicans, especially archconservative Republicans, have always been known for twisting truth to suit their own needs. The new breed of reactionaries, notably those who identify with the Tea Party movement, are taking audaceous fabrication to new levels.

First we had the spectacle of Connecticut's Richard Blumenthal claiming to have served in Vietnam, when he actually did everything his wealth could accomplish to avoid that dirty little war --an egregious slap in the face to all Vietnam vets.

Then we had Idaho's Vaughn Ward parroting nearly word for word a 2004 speech given by Barack Obama. Click on the link and listen for yourself. When conservatives are so intellectually (not to mention morally) bankrupt that they must resort to stealing the words of the opposition, doesn't it make you think, "hmmm"?

And now Arizona's infamous Governor Jan Brewer has been caught lying about her father's World War II service, claiming that he died fighting Nazis, when in fact he served stateside, and died ten years after the war ended. If I were her, I'd be ashamed to have tarnished the memory and the honor not only of her father (who worked in a munitions factory), but of all those who actually served overseas -- especially those who never came back.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the more conservative you are (especially if you self-identify with the Tea Party), the more delusional you are? Collective psychosis, or merely compulsive lies? I realize that all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are given to exaggeration and self-preservation. Still, there is a pattern emerging among the far right, a pattern in which fantasy replaces reality. Did these people inhale once too often when they were young, or is it that they're still inhaling? It would be entertaining, if it weren't for the fact that they really want us to believe them .... and some gullible souls will, which is scary as hell.

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