02 November 2010


BLUFFING. Whether you're playing poker, negotiating a real estate sale, or setting limits with your kids, you should find an article called The Signature of the Bluffing Brain to be of interest. It describes a study in which specific areas of the brain are activated among three types of bluffers -- incrementalists, conservatives, and strategists -- as well as the specific mental processes associated with each type. Check it out. You may find more useful ways to navigate your world.

MORALIZING. In Mugged by the Moralizers, NYTimes economimist Paul Krugman reflects on the fundamental forces driving the current financial crisis -- forces which transcend party politics, and affect all of us. With his usual clarity and logic, Krugman provides a compelling case for developing what Ernest Hemingway called "a well-developed crap detector."

ELECTING. My favorite feminist, Gloria Steinem, is as insightful and persuasive today as she was when she co-founded Ms. magazine in the early 1970s. Her thoughts on How Today's Election Affects Women provide both historic perspective and an urgent appeal to consider the consequences of our choices when we vote today. If you think the notion of nationalizing women's bodies seems radical or sensationalist, you might want to read (and hear, by clicking on the video link) her reasoning before jumping to conclusions.

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