18 November 2010


Just to leaven our usual musical score of political rants and scientific wonders, here is a medley of web satire and "no s---" moments.

I Wanna Go To Grad School -- an animated piece which presents the tug of war between starry-eyed idealism and harsh pragmatism in considering graduate school, delivered with dead-pan accuracy. "A little learning is a dangerous thing. Go to school. Learn a little. Live dangerously."

Uncompromise -- another brief animation, this one skewering both President Obama's appeasement of conservatives, and Rethuglicans' obstructionism. While I don't accept the exaggeration at face value, the seed of truth is present.

Anatomical tattoos -- beauty can be more than skin deep -- or not. Scroll down this impressive collection of photos and see what you think.

They Said They Would Push Me Off a Cliff -- a post by filmmaker and social gadfly Michael Moore, on the perils of speaking your mind. I can identify.

Calvin and Hobbes -- today marks the 25th anniversary of the first publication of Bill Watterson's iconic comic strip, in which a stuffed tiger becomes all too real in the fecund imagination of a small boy. Though C&A only ran for ten years, its biting wit, brilliant artwork and resonant insights into childhood/adulthood still raise a tickle of amusement and recognition.

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