12 January 2012


Thanks to my friend Bill and to a website called Scouting New York for this amazing slide show ~ a  Cold War-era SM-65F Atlas missile silo and control building which was converted into a luxury country home in the Adirondacks ~ complete with a multi-story home (only one of which is above ground), a guest log cabin, an FAA-approved 2,050 foot private runway and airplane hangar, and adjacent lands totaling 142 acres.  The silo home even has its own website, which proclaims that the entire property can be had for a mere $1,760,000.  The website provides details regarding the home's features, the launch control center, the silo, utilities, etc.  But the step-by-step photo tour in the slide show offers images of better quality.  

Gee, I'd like to have the $150,000 just for one of the private planes I like.  Multiply that times 12, and I could have the entire layout.  Thankfully, dreams are free.  Now, go take the slide show tour, and prepare to be amazed.

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