09 January 2012


Did you know that 26 U.S. states have a designated state reptile?  Seems like our scaly cousins are getting short shrift compared to birds ~ there are 50 feathered state symbols.  The first state reptile was named in 1969 (Oklahoma's collared lizard).  Since then snakes, turtles and alligators have joined the roster (click on the above image to enlarge).  Check out the link to see a map of reptile-friendly states, and a list complete with vivid photos.  I think my favorites are Arizona and Florida, though I admit to a lifelong fascination with reptilians.  Which might explain a few of my choices in girlfriends.

I also admit to a lifelong fascination with model trains.  My dad worked on trains while in the Army in WWII Europe.  He may have been behind my first train set, as a pre-schooler.  I was best friends with his boss's daughters, who had an elaborate model train layout in their basement.  I never got around to building my own ~ it requires a lot of space, time, and cash.  But HO dreams never die.  Here is a video showing how to create train scenery.  Kinda fun, if you're into it.

Lastly, for guaranteed giggles and groans, check out this short video excerpt from the TV game show "Family Feud" ~ in which men answer the pressing question, "You'd do WHAT for sex?"  That's all I'm going to say.

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