14 January 2012


Dove In Slow Motion ~ 45 seconds.  This is visual poetry.

Reporter's Awkward Moment With Fan ~ 1 minute 22 seconds.  Not much awkwardness, but some wonderful fan adoration, and reporter Sarah Kustok handled it with grace and humor.  I love the last few seconds of the video.

President Obama .... A Man of the People ~ 5 minutes 46 seconds.  This is unadulterated self-promotion, but nothing that isn't true ~ his smile, his intellect, his decisiveness, his humor, his ability to connect with people one-on-one, his love for his family, his commitment to people programs like health reform and raising employment, his willingness to listen to those with differing views, his raising America in the eyes of the world, his calm in the face of crisis, his compassion, his support for our troops, his being one very cool dude.  "For facing the most difficult and loneliest job in the world with grace, dignity, honesty and strength .... and despite all the hate, pettiness, racism, greed, and corruption in Washington, President Obama still offers us Hope."  The images tell the story.

Stephen Colbert Running for President, and 11 Other Times He Interrupted Politics ~ a collection of slyly hilarious Colbert moments during interviews, speeches, and outtakes from The Colbert Report.  "For ages, plenty of celebrities have tried ~ and succeeded ~ at entering the political world as a product of devotion to public service, or ego.  But few have done so expressly to make fun of our political process from the inside out."  His legendary ruthless satire, delivered with a straight face and a twinkling eye, are not to be missed.

Boxer Puppy Greeted by Herd of Cows ~ 1 minute 8 seconds.  My bet is the cows were thinking, "DAMN, that is one ugly calf."

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