05 February 2012


Bill Moyers is back!  The award-winning journalist and critic has enjoyed a long career on PBS, CBS, and NBC, where his analysis and documentary series were probing, thoughtful, and a model for intelligent civil discourse.  Moyers has returned to PBS in a new hour-long interview and comment show called Moyers and Company.  I happened to catch the most recent episode, a conversation with psychology professor Jonathan Heidt on his new book The Righteous Mind ~ Why Good People Are Divided by Religion and Politics.  Moyers and Heidt "talk about the psychological underpinnings of our contentious culture, why we can't trust our own opinions, and the demonizing of our adversaries."  It was a deep, quiet, eye-opening conversation, one I recommend highly.  To see the interview in its entirety, or to read the transcript, simply click on this link  to view the Feb. 3 show "How Do Conservatives and Liberals See the World?"  When someone as informed and opinionated as I am, discovers ways in which I might want to reevaluate my views, you know it has to be good.

Heidt has a website called YourMorals.org.  You can visit, and participate in surveys which seek to understand why people disagree so passionately about what is right.  Confidentiality is assured, and your own results are available to you.

Earlier this week I discovered two wonderful human interest websites focused on science.  The first is I Am Science, and consists a video of scientists telling their individual stories about the traditional or unconventional paths that led them to their current fields of inquiry and passion.  The stories are hypnotic, and a few moved me to tears.

The second is This Is What a Scientist Looks Like, a series of images with captions which seek to dispel the stereotypes many of us hold.  At work or at play, we are a colorful crew ~ just like the rest of humanity.  Enjoy !

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