13 February 2012


I'm taking a break from declaiming, exuding, and deep thoughts today.  In their place I'd like to share the following images of cats (click on any image to enlarge), and links to a couple of significant songs.  Enjoy.

Heterochromic eyes.

An explanation of the cat / dog hierarchy.

The science of toys.

Chow time at the dock.

Chow time at the dairy.

Cat behavior interpreted.

A tiger under water.

A bobcat kitten (bobkitten).

And now, music.  Here is folk legend and activist Judy Collins singing Anathea, "an eerie and tragic Hungarian ballad about a girl who sacrifices her virginity to a corrupt and lecherous judge to save her brother from hanging."

And here is a video of the Dubai fountains synchronized to the late Whitney Houston's iconic I Will Always Love You.  Sound quality is initially cluttered, but be patient.  For a more pure sound try this performance.

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