27 February 2012


It is a day for clearing out accumulated desktop links of interest.  Here goes ~

Voicemail Accident ~ an employee stuck in traffic is voicemailing his boss when he witnesses a minor accident.  The man who caused it tries to bully the four older women in the other vehicle.  Hilarity ensues.

Is Seeing Believing? ~ the McGurk effect shows how we integrate visual cues into what we 'hear', leading to the possibility of misinterpretation.

Do We All See The Same Colors? ~ I recall wondering this as a small child.  The physics of color is easy ~ light at a particular wavelength.  But do our individual brains all see the same hue, or is my green really your blue? 

Critical Thinking Explained In Six Kid-Friendly Animations ~ in college when I took an advanced philosophy course in logic, I discovered a world of thought that was both challenging and highly useful.  These videos cover some basics in rational thought and discourse.

Carl Sagan's Last Interview With Charlie Rose (1996) ~ the gentle, articulate, and beloved astrophysicist and cosmologist shares his views on pseudo-science, religion, unfounded claims, his personal love affair with science, and his struggle with myelodysplasia.

The Risk Inside Your Credit Card ~ or your debit card, or even your passport.  Newer versions may be embedded with a tiny computer chip to enable RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification.  The problem?  Anyone can buy a $100 scanner online, and casually pass it past your wallet or purse to extract the ID number and expiration date on your cards, then use the information to make bogus purchases.  The video reveals simple steps you can take to protect yourself from piracy.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Objection (Tango) ~ how better to spice up our last entry than with sexy singer-songwriter Shakira and her equally sexy partner heating up that most sensuous of dances?  Enjoy.

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