28 March 2013


In recent days, several remarkable collections of images have crossed my view.  The media are photography and paint, the subjects are original, and the retinal after-images are persistent.  See what you think ~

  • 15 Totally Trippy Photo Illusions ~ in the form of a slide show.  Just look for the "next" arrows in the lower right hand corner to browse.
  • The Physics of Fluid, Revealed in Spellbinding Color ~ combining paints and power tools at the intersection of science and art.  See one example above, click to enlarge.
  • 'Mirror' Series ~ a thoughtful, poignant slide show of 12 photographs, each showing an older person viewing his/her younger self in the mirror.  "The photographer arrived upon the concept of his bittersweet series after a conversation with an 80-year-old World War II veteran who couldn't believe how quickly time had passed.  He felt he was still a young man .... The results .... capture the perplexing relationship we have with our changing bodies over time."
As I age, I often wish it were possible to meet and talk with myself at five-year age intervals, starting with 5 years old.  I wouldn't want my younger self to retain a conscious memory of our conversation, just a subliminal impression of empathy, encouragement, guidance, and unconditional love.  

Not to mention the fascination of being reminded how I looked, how my voice sounded, what my thoughts and doubts and fears and dreams were.  A childhood friend recently sent to me a pair of photos of myself, one about age 6, one about age 10.  The effect was hypnotic.  Was that handsome, clean-cut, shy little boy really me?  Is he still?

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