09 March 2013


There are hundreds of common objects, behaviors, and body parts which each have a name, yet most of us would be hard put to conjure up what that name is.  For instance, years ago I learned the name for the patterned colors we see when we close our eyelids ~ and promptly forgot it.

Which is why I was delighted to come across a two-minute video titled Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names.  Near the end is the name for those colors.  Before you check out the video, see how many names you already knew from the list below (no fair using Wikipedia or any reference other than your noggin) ~

  • dysania
  • zarf
  • glabella
  • philtrum
  • nare
  • columella nasi
  • Morton's toe
  • feat (not an accomplishment)
  • the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon
  • tittle
  • jib (not a sail)
  • punt (not a boat or a football kick)
  • wamble
  • ferrule
  • purlicue
  • nurdle
  • interrobang
  • rasceta (sounds like pasta, but isn't)
  • lunule
  • grawlix
  • misophania (I experience this in movie theaters)
  • rectal tenesmus
  • phosphenes
  • megagaltastic
Okay, now watch the video and see how your memory for trivia stacks up.  Can you think of better names for any of the entries?  (The last word doesn't appear in my dictionary, but I did find it here.  Who knew?

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