17 March 2013


The observant reader will have noticed that in recent days, my posts have tended toward lists and images which have informative or entertainment value (or both), and less toward comment on issues of serious substance or controversy.  This is because I'm struggling with a few health issues, and find it difficult to (a) focus my analytical attention, and (b) remain seated at my laptop for very long without discomfort or pain.

But I'm hanging in there as best I can ~ I thought you might enjoy this collection, The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever.  Any such collection is subjective in its choices, but nearly all of these are quite visually arresting.  Some images clearly were intentionally positioned and timed by the photographer (like the image above, click to enlarge), while others clearly were serendipitous.  I hope you like them.

And I hope that I recover enough resilience to spend the several hours of research, writing, revising, and photo selection normally required for discussion of substance.  Until then ~


  1. Feel better. I just found this blog searching for a puzzle that you posted, good stuff!

  2. A serendipitous result for us both. Thank you.