26 April 2013


How to Survive Living With a Writer
Top 10 Tips
  1. Never, ever ask when the book will be published.
  2. Don't ask a writer if they wish they had written the most recent best-seller.
  3. Never say you're thinking of writing a book.  Never, ever say you'd also write a book if only you had the time.
  4. Don't call the police if you happen to see a writer's browsing history.  The average writer is not planning to poison you, hire a hit man, or move to Afghanistan.  It's simply research.
  5. Leave a writer alone when the writer is actually writing.  You have no idea how difficult it is to enter the zone.
  6. Don't pick unfair fights with a writer.  Writers do get their revenge in print.
  7. If you do want to fight, make it memorable.  The writer is always looking for material.
  8. If your writer wanders off at a party, don't panic.  Writers love to inspect the host's bookshelves and medicine cabinets.
  9. Buy your writer notebooks and cute pens as gifts.  Do not buy flowers.  Chocolate is also acceptable.
  10. Leave your writer alone when a rejection letter arrives.  After the deadly silence, screaming, crying, moaning, and muttering have subsided, offer your writer a cup of coffee or tea.  And a cupcake.  And a huge hug.
(courtesy of WritersWrite)

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