11 April 2013


Three day ago I wrote about the first episode in Dr. Michael Mosley's 3-part series on health ~ it was titled Eat, Fast and Live.  Last night on PBS I watched the second episode, The Truth About Exercise.  True to form, Dr. Mosley (above) both narrated and acted as human test subject for several newly-developed alternative exercise regimens, each of which promotes fitness in less time per week than the standard model.

Further, the new approaches to exercise take into account the fact that different individuals have different exercise needs ~ there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  Each regimen is designed by medical professionals, with measurement of calories burned, body weight, and body fat conducted before and after the respective test periods.  The implications for those who are overweight, who are diabetic, or who have limited access to a gym are discussed.

Two features stood out for me ~ one, that a simple but intense workout on a stationary bike, three sets of 30 seconds each, three times a week, is surprisingly effective in waking up most of the human body's major muscle groups and stimulating them to burn off residual fat in the blood stream.  Two, in the complete absence of scheduled exercise, one can still attain a maintenance level of fitness simply by being maximally active throughout the day ~ by taking the stairs rather than an elevator, by walking or bicycling rather than sitting still or riding in a car.  This can be helpful even for those with sedentary jobs at a desk.  Get up and move around at regular intervals, drink more water, eat fewer snacks, and avoid sodas and junk food.  Break into spontaneous dance once in a while!

I encourage you to watch the video for yourself.  A description alone doesn't convey the full force of the presentation.

One episode in the series remains ~ covering our digestive system.

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