07 April 2013


  • Could you outrun a Tyrannosaurus rex?  Scientific speculation on the posture, hence the speed, of predatory raptors has ebbed and flowed since the late 18th century.  The latest thinking is that you might indeed be able to outpace a T. rex ~ if it was young or injured.  What about other pre-historic carnivores?  Could you escape the jaws of an allosaurus, a dilophosaurus, a velociraptor, or the tiny compsognathus?  Check out the article and the chart above (click to enlarge) to find out.
  • Animal camouflage ~ can you spot the creatures hidden in plain view in each of the 8 photos?  (Bragging ~ I found each one within a second or two, but I'm a trained biologist and fond of visual puzzles as well.)
  • Animated Mandelbulb ~ the sophistication of visual portrayals of fractals, Mandelbulbs, and other mathematical manifestations has become truly astonishing.
  • Book-filled bars ~ a slide show of 15 bars which cater to readers ~ or 15 libraries which cater to drinkers.  Very, very classy.
  • Rising seas swallow 8 cities ~ realistic GIF images of what the progressive rise in sea level could look like in Miami, New York City, Washington DC, Boston, and their environs.
  • Elephants reunited after 20 years ~ the story of Shirley and Jenny.  Prepare to get weepy.

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