30 September 2009


yesterday's earthquake, or more properly seaquake or submarine earthquake, which generated three separate tsunamis, set off all sort of alarms in my geologic, astronomic, and science-in-general brain. caused by a sudden slippage between tectonic plates in the earth's crust, such monumental events seize the imagination. i've experienced draught, a hurricane, a tornado, a total solar eclipse, blizzards, and a 500-year flood, but (so far) never a noticeable earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption. nor a meteor strike, come to that. please note that these are not among my fantasy events to experience!

back to tsunamis -- note the speed (up to 500 mph, or two-thirds the speed of sound) with which they move across the ocean. below is a map showing the travel times within the pacific basin. click to enlarge the image.

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