20 September 2009


as noted in my post on 06 september, wolves and humans have struck a dynamic balance with each other going back decades, in minnesota and michigan. when i taught biology, math and environmental studies to h.s. kids in suburban philadelphia in the early 90s, i explicitly recall discussions of where (at the time) the various sub-species (red wolf, gray wolf, mexican wolf) could be found in the u.s., and in particular the healthy acceptance of this intelligent top predator in the upper midwest.

once again, a recent article in the Missoula Independent confirms my position -- spelling out how the human-lupine coexistence came into being, and is maintained to this day. in the context of the virulent controversy surrounding the utterly needless murder of wolves in idaho and montana, propelled by bloodlust and myth-driven fear, the minnesota model for management is a progressive and enlightened paradigm shift. whether you love wolves or hate them, or just aren't sure what to think, please check out this brief but informative article. thanks !!

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