03 September 2009


i just returned a few hours ago from a week-long family reunion in my home town -- my parents, me, my son and his wife and son. four generations. relationship dynamics are always interesting at these events -- as in the ancient chinese curse, "may you lead a long and interesting life". but there was also much joy, and regret in parting. no need to bore you with further details.

so starting tomorrow, my more substantive posts will resume. for now, let's spend a moment recalling that on this day in 1886, after more than 25 years of fighting against the armies of mexico and the u.s., the chiricahua apache warrior geronimo (1829-1909) surrendered at skeleton canyon in arizona. as often happened, the u.s. broke its promise to him that he could return to his homeland after two years' exile in florida. geronimo never lived to see arizona again.

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