16 September 2009


i've been a railroad fan since i was a small child. my dad worked as an army brakeman on the railroads of france and germany during WWII, and i guess the gene got passed along. there's something hypnotic about riding the rails, being free to watch the passing countryside from a wholly different perspective than that found on a highway. equally fascinating (to me) are model railroads -- the elaborate setups created by clubs in larger cities are breathtaking in their detail and scope.

i came across this article and photo of the eritrean railway the other day on wikipedia. the photo alone (click on the image to enlarge) is worth the price of admission. eritrea is a country most americans couldn't locate on a globe to save their lives -- which makes the article all the more interesting to me. enjoy.


  1. I bet you did not know Eritrea was the best listening post for NSA for almost 30 years, before the advent of Satellites.

    Thanks for that spectacular photo reminder.

  2. nope, i did not know that. thanks for the tip. i'm always happy for more background !!