30 November 2009


Today's NYTimes online features an article on something I've long wanted to do -- experience the Grand Canyon on foot, alone, with no time limitations. the "alone" part isn't adviseable for safety reasons, though Colin Fletcher famously did so in the 1960s, as chronicled in his book The Man Who Walked Through Time. Fletcher's trek took him the 200-plus-mile length of the Canyon, while most people (including the article's author) are content to hike from the rim to the bottom and back (itself a satisfying accomplishment).

If you scan the Times article, be sure to check out the accompanying slide show. No photo can do the Canyon justice, just as no photo can do the night sky justice. But perhaps the seed of your own adventure to the Canyon will be planted. Everyone should see it in their lifetime.

'Course, one of my other dreams is to kayak the Colorado River through the entire length of the Grand Canyon. But that's another story. (click on images to enlarge)

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