03 November 2009


last night a friend introduced me to NaNoWriMo, national novel writing month. the organizers encourage budding writers to cast inhibition to the wind, and produce a 50,000 word novel (just shy of 1700 words per day) during the month of november, each year. december is devoted to revisions. there are no prizes beyond the epiphany that yes, "someday i'll write a book" can actually happen. quality takes second place to quantity, so the pressure to be perfect is removed. content is on the honor system -- what's the point of quoting from wikipedia when the intent is to celebrate the art and craft of writing? the contest is really with oneself, jump-starting one from lethargy or procrastination or fear.

so, like a fool, i registered at the website, and am now toying with ideas. i'm off to a late start, but my days are free, so i'm trying not to let that seem like a disadvantage. time will tell. this may be the jolt i need to shake the rust off my aspirations, lean forward off that cliff edge past the point of balance, and fly. thank you, celeste .... you encourage and inspire me.

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