10 November 2009


earlier today, as i was notifying individuals and websites of my email change, i came across a message that had been left for me at My Birding Place, a site where individual birders can record their sightings, life lists and field trips. out of respect for the writer's privacy i won't reveal any names, but here is the message:

"for many months i have been intrigued by your blog, the eloquence, the range of topics, and stunning visuals."

i am deeply gratified by the kind words, and deeply mortified that they had been recorded six months ago. if the email woes that i described in yesterday's post hadn't forced me to change providers, and send out notifications of the change, it might have been even longer before i discovered the writer's praise. ultimately for my morale, the timing was perfect. thank you, generous reader. your words inspire me to continue to deliver eloquence, a wide range of topics, and stunning visuals. cheers.

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