09 November 2009


my current email provider has been out of service for ten days. it is a regional outfit, not a national one, and the problem resides in their connection to their ISP. my email inbox there is full, and new mail is being returned to senders, including individuals and websites. i cannot access it, and i cannot contact tech support, either online or by phone (busy signal).

i have an alternative, national email provider, and am trying to configure Outlook Express on my laptop to be compatible with the new provider. it tries my patience, since a wrong spelling on any configuration entry will bollix up the works. so far i can send from OE to my new provider, but cannot download email from my new provider to OE. grrrrr.

there, that's it. no enchanting posts on science or the arts or social issues. just my life at the moment. back to the grind.......

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