27 March 2010


The theater of the absurd continues as Sarah Palin sucks up to the reactionary Tea Party nut jobs in Nevada this weekend -- the same people who gave us eight years of inanity, war, economic meltdown and a plummeting reputation among other nations under GWB. It would be entertaining if these folks didn't take themselves so seriously. They give me the creeps on a level with encountering real zombies -- the living dead, convinced that we live in a bygone era of racism, sexism, ageism, and every other -ism we've tried to outgrow for the past half century.

NYTimes columnist Charles Blow describes the phenomenon eloquently, in the context of the recently (FINALLY) passed health care reform bill. "Bullying, threats and acts of violence," not to mention distorting reality beyond all recognition, and acts of domestic terrorism. We live in a world of psychopaths. I've become frankly cynical toward anyone who drapes him/herself in the American flag and claims to be a patriot.

Here's my thought -- If Sarah Palin (or George Bush, or Dan Quail, or any of a long string of right wing airheads) is the answer, what is the question?

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