28 March 2010


A year ago today, I registered with a service called Sitemeter, which tracks and records visitors to one's blog or website. The information gathered spans a wide and useful spectrum. One can identify the number of visitors during the preceding hour, day, month, or year. Further, one can identify the source of visitors -- by domain name, by source of referral, by world map, by city location, or by entry pages and exit pages. One can rank one's posts by the number of visitors to that specific post. One can even access a statistical prediction for number of visitors over the next hour, day, week or month.

This writer is humbly gratified at the amount of traffic to a blog that is quite modest, as blogs go. My readership started out small, and spread both by word of mouth and by subject searches through engines such as Google. I write about what interests me -- social justice, the arts, astronomy, history, aviation, ecology and the environment, to name a few -- and make no apologies for my opinions. Comments are always welcome, and I post them all, including those which dissent from my views -- so long as the discourse remains civilized.

According to the most recent weekly summary (which Sitemeter emails to me every Friday), this blog receives an average of 28 visitors daily. The average number of page views per visitor is 1.4. As I write this, my writing has been viewed by a total of 10,512 visitors (some of whom are regular followers) in one year.

To ALL my readers, regular or sporadic or accidental, thank you. I welcome suggestions for topics, and I encourage one and all to post your comments in response to a given entry -- just click on "comments" at the bottom of the article. Cheers.
(click on the stats graph below to enlarge)

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